Taking pictures whether professional or good pictures shouldn't be difficult and complicated. Many people believe that if you have the most expensive camera along with lenses that it will allow you take the most amazing photos. It's truly about getting to know how to use your camera along with the basics of photography and it's not hard as you may imagine. Bring your point and shoot or DSLR.

Sign up for one of my private one on one sessions to learn, practice and have a fun time taking photos. With each session, I will include a complimentary cold beverage we can take on the go while we shoot.

We will take pictures indoors/outdoors. Using natural light, with/without flash, sun, shade, reflectors and other lighting. I will show you how to take better photos, explain in what sets a good and bad photo apart while giving you steps to make it better. My goal is to educate you while providing you knowledge which will reinforce you to apply when taking photos and make you a better photographer in the long end.

Session: 2 hr min - $100

Level: Beginner-Intermediate



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